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Linkin Park
FREE Domain Parking. With optional static page with your email address.

$4.05 USD Monthly
P90 / mo. ; 90mb DiskSpace; 5gb. Bandwidth / mo. Perfect for a -+10 email account and a static website.

$8.10 USD Monthly
P180 / mo. ; 600mb DiskSpace; 20gb. Bandwidth / mo. What you need for 20 ~ 30 email accounts or if you're starting to blog.

$13.50 USD Monthly
P300 / mo. ; 800mb DiskSpace; 30gb. Bandwidth / mo. Recommended for 3-4 year old blogs with average traffic.

$18.00 USD Monthly
P400 / mo. ; 1000mb DiskSpace; 50gb. Bandwidth / mo. Great for blogs and websites with good traffic.

$22.50 USD Monthly
P500 / mo. ; 1200mb DiskSpace; 80gb. Bandwidth / mo. For busy blogs and sites with good activity.

$45.00 USD Monthly
P1000 / mo. ; 1400mb DiskSpace; 120gb. Bandwidth / mo. For highly active sites with heavy activity. You might consider Management services as well.

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